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If you are feeling creatively unfulfilled in your current career and want to build a lifestyle that authentically expresses your unique artistic vision, the support of a weekly group could be the key to your transition.


Connecting to the Warrior Within

Connecting To The Warrior Within is a healing process for women in creative industries as they step into their personal power and take a stand for their creative vision.  This process will guide you through a series of topics to help you get really clear on your creative vision and work through the emotional blocks that arise as you begin to own your artistic essence.  Amongst a group of your peers, you will learn and grow with each other, creating lasting bonds and valuable support as you make your dreams a reality.   

If you dream of a lifestyle where your creative energy can guide you each day, where you can wake up and without compromise move towards your heart’s desires, Connecting To The Warrior Within is for you.

A sneak peek into the group process......

Showing Up Fully - Choosing to be present and visible in your creative power.

Seeing Yourself As You Truly Are - Exploring the relationship between the voice of the inner critic and your own personal power.

Knowing Your Limits And Boundaries - Learning the true difference between yes and no so you can regulate stress and avoid burnout.

Communicating Your Creative Vision - Getting clear on the core message of your work and how to share it with your audience.  

Staying In Creative Integrity - How to honor your artistic essence and take a stand for your vision in its wholeness.  

This process is specifically designed for women who want to build a creative life while honoring their femininity. Connecting To The Warrior Within does not mean using aggression and domination to be successful.  What we will do is connect to the radiant wisdom that naturally flows through us as
creative sensitive women.  

To begin the process of stepping into your personal power contact me to request a Free One Hour Clarity Session where we can get really clear on your needs and how the group can support you.

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