You Are A Healer

Calling all creative women who feel unfulfilled by their work. Are you feeling the pain of staying in a career that drains you of your creative juices and devalues your humanity?  Are you feeling the pull to explore the spiritual realms and healing work? Are you living a double life, one where you are a creative professional and another where you are full on psychic!  

The pain of living a compartmentalized existence is showing up in your body.  Chronic pain, chronic headaches, anxiety, and fatigue are ways in which your body is trying to tell you something.

2020 can be a year of integration.  What if you could live a lifestyle where your creative gifts, your spiritual practices, and your intuitive powers lived harmoniously as one?  What would your work life look like if you could integrate your passions into one career?

I’ve designed a process to guide you through what’s needed to start your transition.


A 9-month creative-healing process that will support you as you transition from a career that is not fulfilling you creatively or spiritually to a lifestyle that integrates your unique artistic gifts with your profound intuitive powers.  

This process will guide you through monthly topics that will help you align with your creative vision for the work you want to put out into the world, and trust your intuition and psychic abilities with greater ease. Amongst a group of your peers, you will learn and grow with each other, creating lasting bonds and valuable support as you make your dreams a reality.   

You can bring healing energy to any career path.  You may want to start your own healing practice, or you may wish to incorporate healing energy into your creative work.  Either way, your inner healer is meant to emerge.   

A sneak peek into the group process........

Creating safety by healing the fear of being seen in your creative/psychic powers.

Nurturing your self by knowing your needs and healing any shame around having needs.

Understanding your creative process by tracking your “creative waves” and learning the cycle of expansion and contraction in your body.

Communicating your vision by aligning with the “why” of your work so you can verbalize your core message and connect with your audience.  

Know what it means to be authentic by reclaiming the feminine energy that is calling you to surrender to your new path.

Build trust in your intuition by listening deeply to how you feel and heal the cycle of self-betrayal.

This process is specifically designed for creative women who want to build a lifestyle in integrity with their heart’s desires.  Throughout the process, we will align with those desires and hold each other accountable to the wholeness of each women’s unique creative expression.  

To learn more about You Are A Healer please contact me to request a Free One Hour Phone Clarity Session where we will get clear on your needs and how the group process can support you.

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