Maxine Dillon

Hello! I'm Maxine Dillon and I founded Blue Star Guidance as a healing refuge for creative professionals. During my 16 years in the fashion industry I traversed a landscape of constant stress, and competition while often compromising my inner creative longings. I was getting burnt out and many parts of my life were suffering from neglecting the balance I needed to thrive.  I knew I could not sustain this lifestyle and I didn't know how to create the change I wanted.  What I did know was I could not do it alone.  

Through a four year process of personal healing and certification in Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing Therapy at The Lionheart Institute, I learned the stress and anxiety I was feeling at work was my intuition telling me my current reality was not serving my soul's purpose. I now have a deeper connection with my essence and what simply brings me happiness.  I empathize with the struggles that creative professionals experience and I am dedicated to supporting them in building the lifestyles that best reflect their unique creative gifts. 

About Maxine Dillon