Every answer you could ever want
lives inside of your body.

Blue Star Guidance offers Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling and Body/Mind energy healing therapy, a whole body healthcare technique.  The sessions are 90 minutes long and consist of 2 parts; Counseling and Body Work.  During the counseling portion we will utilize tools such as breath awareness, guided meditation, visualization, and inner child work.  Gently guiding you inward to connect with your intuition as it gives you the messages needed to create the life you desire most.  During this process there is a natural releasing of emotional, mental, and physical stress opening the door to deeper self discovery creating profound personal transformation.

During the body work portion of the session you will lay on a massage table fully clothed. I will place my hands on and over your major and minor energy centers, running energy and working with your physical and energetic bodies, joints, and chakras.  You may experience the energy in a number of ways, such as tingling sensations, heat, coolness, gentle spasmodic physical and emotional stress releases and a deep state of relaxation.  In addition I will also lay crystals on and around your body.  Each session will be unique and catered to the individual needs of the client.